iPSC Reprogramming, Gene Editing and Directed Differentiation Platforms


Neural Differentiation
One of the company's core competitiveness is the advanced RONA 2.0 neural differentiation technology. Using this method, we can generate highly pure and stable FOXG1 positive neural progenitor cells (hNPCs)from pluripotent stem cells with high yield. These forebrain hNPCs can further differentiate into a variety of highly mature functional neural cells both in vitro and in vivo. These cells can also gradually integrate into the neural network in the stroke animal model, indicating the possibility of functional cell replacement.

GMP Manufacture Center

Hopstem Phase II GMP Center is based in Hangzhou Pharmaceutical Harbor, with conceptual design that meets the requirements of the US FDA and EMA cGMP. The 3 independent B+A and C+ isolator cell manufacturing units are designed for independent cell products manufacturing.

Intellectual Property