Where hope of innovative cell therapies stems!

Leader of iPSC future applications


Our Vision May there be no intractable diseases in the future
Our Mission Benefit patients with innovative iPSC cell therapy
We Value Honest、Obligation、Positive、Sincere、Teamwork、Excellence、Motivated

Our Team

  • Jing Fan, Ph.D. Founder, CEO

    Jing Fan, Ph.D.

    B.S. in Life Science, Peking University;

    Ph.D. in Neuroscience, University of British Columbia;

    Previous Postdoctoral fellow of Neurology and ICE, Johns Hopkins University;

    Dr. Fan has been elected as one of the' 30 Global Innovative talents of Chinese entrepreneurs' in 2018;

    17 years of research experience in stroke and neurodegenerative disease models and mechanisms. 10 years of experience in pluripotent stem cell culture, iPSC reprogramming and neural differentiation. Since 2017, Dr. Fan has led the Hopstem team and together established the company's intellectual property layout and iPSC cell product R&D platform.

  • John Xu, M.D., MBA, M.S. Bussiness Partner

    John Xu, M.D., MBA, M.S.

    Former SVP of AbPro;

    Founder and CEO of Jemincare Therapeutics;

    VP of BD of HD Bioscience;

    Sr.Director of BD of WuXiAppTec.25 years of research;

    BD and management experience in pharmaceutical companies.

  • Shuning Zhang, M.D., Ph.D. VP of Clinical Medicine

    Shuning Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.

    Peking University Health Science Center, Master of Medicine;

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA, Ph.D.;

    Albany Medical Center, USA, Postdoc;

    University of Washington, USA, Instructor;

    Associate professor;

    Hangzhou Future Sci & Tech City Overseas High-level Talent. 2018;

    As the outstanding figure in Hangzhou’s Academician Station, highlighted in Hangzhou Youth Newspaper. 2019;

    Core member of Leading Innovation Team Award by Zhejiang Province. 2020;

    Leader of Outstanding Team Award of Huadong Medicine. 2020;

    Served as Medical director in Hangzhou Adamerck, Head of Clinical Medicine and Medical Affairs department in Huadong Medicine. In charge of the clinical development of multiple projects from IND to NDA, as well as project leaders for multiple licensed-in projects.

  • Jasmine Wang Senior Director of Quality

    Jasmine Wang

    Master of Science in Biotechnology, Johns Hopkins University, USA

    Former Director/Board Member, QUALES, LLC, Frederick, MD

    Former R&D Scientist I, Analytical Biotechnology/High-Throughput Method Development Group, MEDIMMUNE/ASTRAZENECA, Gaithersburg, MD

    Former Vice Chairman of Business Advisory Board, Biomedical Science, ADVANCE MEDIGENE, INC, Gaithersburg, MD

    Over 20 years extensive biopharmaceutical experience in the Chemical Manufacturing and Control field. Ms. Wang Demonstrated success leading teams in implementing product quality control strategies to monitor upstream processes and identify critical quality attributes

    Mainly responsible for the quality assurance and control. Nominated as the Qualified Person (QP) of the company

  • Anxin Wang, Ph.D. Head of R&D Center

    Anxin Wang, Ph.D.

    Ph.D. in Biophysics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences;

    Previous Research Associate (Postdoc), University of Wisconsin-Madison;

    Experienced with iPSC/ESC culture and glia / neural differentiation. Dr. Wang has completed high-content and high-throughput screening of human glial cells and neurons derived from iPSC from Rett Syndrome patients at UWM. He leads the Hopstem R&D team to develop innovative iPSC cell products.

  • Fang Ren, Ph.D. Product Manager

    Fang Ren, Ph.D.

    Ph.D. and postdoctoral fellow in Chemistry-Biomaterials, Technical University of Berlin;

    More than 10 years of experience in stem cell nanomaterials and cytotoxicity study;

    Responsible for clinical product development in Hopstem.

  • Yinggang Yan, Ph.D. Senior Scientist

    Yinggang Yan, Ph.D.

    Ph.D. in neuroscience, School of medicine, Zhejiang University;

    More than 10 years of training in Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and CRISPR gene editing;

    Responsible for QC method development and technical support in Hopstem.

  • Jieli Gao Director of Registration

    Jieli Gao

    Master’s Degree of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;

    25 years of experience in pharmaceutical registration, including First-in-Class new drugs, cell therapy products, and experience for China/US IND application;

    Worked for Simcere Pharmaceutical, Nanjing King-Friend and MITRO Biotech;

    Responsible for domestic/overseas registration in Hopstem.

Advisory Board

  • Ted M. Dawson, M.D., Ph.D.

    Ted M. Dawson, M.D., Ph.D.

    Fellow of the US National Academy of Medicine;

    Director of the Institute for Cell Engineering,

    Director, Morris K. Udall Parkinson's Disease Research Center,

    Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Professor in Neurodegenerative Diseases,

    Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience and Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences,

    Johns Hopkins University;

    Internationally renowned scientist in Parkinson's and CNS diseases;

    Dr. Ted Dawson has received funding support of more than 76 million US dollars from the United States National Institutes of Health and other foundations, has published 445 top academic articles, with an H index of 145, and a total of more than 85,000 citations.

  • Valina L. Dawson, Ph.D.

    Valina L. Dawson, Ph.D.

    Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience and Physiology, Johns Hopkins University;

    Director of Neuroregeneration and Stem Cell Program, Institute of Cell Engineering,

    Johns Hopkins University;

    Internationally renowned scientist in neuronal cell death and protection, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases;

    Dr. Valina Dawson has received funding support of more than 60 million US dollars from NIH and other foundations, and has published more than 221 top academic articles, with an H index of 123, and total citations of 63,689.

  • Yutian Wang, Ph.D.

    Yutian Wang, Ph.D.

    Fellow of the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada;

    Internationally renowned neuroscientist in stroke and other CNS disorders; HHMI investigator;

    Professor, Brain Research Center, University of British Columbia, Canada;

    Chairman of Stroke Research Association of British Columbia and Yukon, Canada;

    Dean of the School of Life and Health, Shenzhen University of Science and Technology.

  • Frank Li, Ph.D., RAC

    Frank Li, Ph.D., RAC

    Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine from Kyoto University, School of Medicine, Japan;

    Founder of BLA Regulatory;

    Former Director of Regulatory Affairs of AstraZeneca;

    More than 15 years of experience in Biopharmaceutical industry;

    President of Chinese Biopharmaceutical association (CBA,2018-2019).