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  • Product R&D Scientist
  • Project Manager (Cell Therapy)
  • R&D Engineer (Cell Culture)

Product R&D Scientist

Job Descriptions:

1. Responsible for leading technical engineers in the development of new product production processes for clinical iPSC orientated differentiation.

2. Responsible for project research, project establishment and feasibility analysis, make project research plans, and organize the execution.

3. Solve all the difficulties encountered in the project and ensure the smooth progress of the R&D project in accordance with the planned schedule.

4. Responsible for leading the team to organize and analyze experimental data and results, and write project reports.

5. Draft experimental operation standard procedures, new product related description documents, technology patents, project declarations, etc., and writing the technical patent application documents and publishing papers.

6. Report the R&D progress to the superior in a timely manner, and complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

Job Requirements:

1. Doctor degree or above, basic medicine, immunology, cytology and other related majors, project management experience is preferred;

3. Rich experience in cell culture, and those with iPSC cell culture and differentiation experience are preferred.

5. Strong document retrieval skills and writing skills in both Chinese and English, and proficient use of commonly used biological software and databases.

6. Possess strong initiative, execution ability, and communication and coordination ability.

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Project Manager (Cell Therapy)

Job Descriptions:

1. Responsible for organizing and completing project selection and process monitoring and management of new drug research and development projects, completing research and feasibility analysis of new drug project research, patents, and other materials, and writing information research reports and project setup reports.

2. Responsible for screening external CROs, clinical centers and other cooperative units, contract negotiations, and assisting in internal and external communication and collaboration in the project.

3. Responsible for organizing meetings and assisting the communication and collaboration in company about internal R&D, production, quality, clinical and registration teams.

4. Responsible for organizing drug application and registration and coordinating with the national and local bureaus to follow up the registration progress, promote the registration process, carry out risk management on the project, and make response plans in advance.

5. Control the progress, budget and quality of the project, regularly report the progress of the project and existing problems to the superior, and be able to actively seek efficient solutions.

6. Other affairs assigned by the leader.

Job Requirements:

 1. A bachelor degree or above in pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering, biopharmaceutical, clinical medicine and other related majors;

2.  More than 5 years for undergraduate degree and more than 3 years for postgraduate degree of drug research and development experience, and more than one year of clinical project management experience;

3. Excellent time management, active response ability, good teamwork skills, and adaptable to short-term business trips.

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R&D Engineer (Cell Culture)

Job Descriptions:

1. According to the tasks assigned by superiors, design simple experiments and perform experimental operations, or perform them according to the experimental plan formulated by scientists;

2. Under the guidance of scientists, conduct experimental data analysis and write final report;

3. Make rigorous experiment records and participate in the writing of SOP; 

4. Under the guidance of scientists, consult literature, solve problems in product or process research and development, etc.;

5. Daily management, cleaning and environmental maintenance of the laboratory;

6. Purchase, daily management and maintenance of reagents and consumables and instruments;

7. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in medicine, pharmacy, biology, etc.;

2. Experience in cell culture, biochemical experiments or molecular biology experiments;

3. Experience in iPS cell culture and directed differentiation is preferred;

4. Abide by professional ethics and strictly abide by various confidentiality systems;


5. Have strong independent learning ability and hands-on ability;

6. Work carefully, cautiously, have a strong sense of responsibility, and have good communication skills and team spirit.

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