Human Cortical Neurons
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Product Introduction

HopCellTM Human Cortical Neurons differentiated from HopCellTM Human Neural Progenitor Cells are cultures of excitatory (70-80%) and inhibitory (20-30%) cortical neurons that closely resemble neuronal networks in vivo. These neurons form networks (clustered firing) starting from 14 days after inducing differentiation, express all 6 layers of cortical markers, are ≥98% MAP2+ and can be maintained for more than 3 years in vitro.

Immuno-fluorescent Photomicrographs of HopCellTM Human Cortical Neurons

Primary human cortical neurons are populations representative of the six cortical layers with both excitatory glutaminergic neurons (about 70-80%) and GABAergic interneurons (about 20-30%, subtypes of inhibitory neurons within, for example PV, nNOS, SST).

Electrophysiology Activities ( DIV14 )

Spontaneous and synchronous firing of HopCellTM Human Cortical Neuron recorded by multielectrode array (MEA)

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